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A technologist wish to code the innovation. I love to write my stories, experiences and also some of my learning curves. Also, a tech savvy who love to read.

Team of Money and the Team of Growth

In this article, I will talk about 2 types of teams that manage to help organizations go in the right direction. We often complain about people who look at the given task from a revenue perspective like how much this is going to make us rich or our team rich. It is not actually a bad thing. We are getting our salaries at the end of each month without any hassles because of these people. I agree there are many politics and policies involved, but this is still how it is. …


Part 1: Negative Side of Thinking About Not Knowing Anything (Questions that I asked myself in my journey of reinvention)

Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

Lately, I have been in this deep thought process that affected my life extremely. With this overwhelming availability of knowledge all around us and people seems to be always better than me. Readers, Writers, Artists, Programmers, Professionals, Family, and the Rest of some amazing people. In this quest of gaining knowledge, I fell behind with updates about how to go ahead. I am guiding my friends and family members to move forward in life with clear guidance but what I feel inside is a lack of something that guides me in my journey. I am a guide to many but…

A Marathon Of Life — Happiness

Digital Minimalism is good but to what extent? Wire-Free is not wireless. It is all about being disconnected with updates.

Photo by Taton Moïse on Unsplash

We know we are running in this life requesting to thrive with money, fame, freedom, and exposure. There are a few of us who command life and steer away from top concerns like it is nothing. Always looking after yourself and family is a good thing. Thinking of being selfish in such a way that only your inner circle are the ones who are living in this world, is totally absurd. …

A Marathon Of Life — Happiness (keep it simple, assess your goals, and spend 30 mins in doing what you love everyday)

Simple paradigm shifts to make when things get out of control

We know how things are these days on the pandemic plane. Unless this situation completely under control, things will not be getting back to normal. So, I am writing this article by thinking myself 5 years ahead in life, and if I am a reader of this at that time, how it should be. Let’s start with that idea as of now. I will tell you why this image is important at the end of this article.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

Being at home and working remotely is not only taking away precious time that we spend with our family but also it is…


Continued from part one. Let’s understand the next step of how to collaborate our code and some fun stories in this ten-part learning series

Part-One: Introduction to GIT Basics — Part One

Welcome back again, in Part One we discussed a very basic concept about Git and how we can sync local and online repository. In this article let’s go furthermore and I am sure this will be going to be great fun to learn. Let me tell you a story before getting started.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Story — Part 1

There was a city called Git where people used to travel there to talk to each other and spend time discussing their ideas. That place was owned by powerful people like GitHub, Azure DevOps, GitLab, Heroku, Bitbucket, and other board…

Learning Techniques: Be Curious, Unlearn and Stitch & Observe and Relate

Learning Without Being Judgmental Helps to Focus On Things that Matters

Life has some bits of fundamentals and the rest is filled with the lesson we learn in our daily lives. Arguably, we all fight for happiness in life. Without knowing what we need the most in life, we struggle every single day. There is a definite question that has an infinite solution, “Who do you want to become in life?” If I am the one who answers to that question, I choose a way to stay happy and find love in my life with nature. Exploring unlimited possibilities of cosmos and the wonder that it can bring to humanity. Now…

A Technologist Series

8-point analysis for any performance engineer who wants to doctor the application

Image Courtesy: Dynatarce Blog

In this technology world, we work every day seamlessly to build applications, delivering services, implementing solutions or it might be serving customers in their environments. In this fast-paced world where everything known in technology is multiplied twice every 18 months. Thousands of organization needs a solution to monitor their infrastructure, network, applications, and end-users. This is where performance engineers come in. Being an engineer is not about having your engineering degree in some IITs or some colleges. No college is teaching how to measure the performance of an application or software that you build or your customers build.

Quality of…

A Marathon of Life — Biographies

The story of a girl with exceptional emotional strength that inspired me in ways that I never imagined.

Drawing by Tanya on Twitter

Every day in our daily lives we often remember how our life is and what we are doing in it. For most of us, life is all about proving our importance in the environment that we live in. With the people, we do parties with, with the people who we talk to and with the people who think that we are not capable of. Life is all about proving yourself to others with the privilege of having access to everything — This type of life is very common with people who are living in their dogmas.

On the other hand…

A Marathon of Life — Happiness

Steps from the most qualified resources that are available

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Today I am writing about life that brings all of us a series of happiness. We often see our parents, teachers, colleagues, and friends get trapped in life and struggle to get out of the rat race. When this happened to me, I was confused, struggling to discover my purpose in life. Everything around me in life to call it quits and I am not capable of doing something that helps myself and others to discover their true potential.

To prove this point, someone who was the dearest to me said these words, “You are incapable of doing anything in…

Journey to the quest of finding purpose

How did I shape my mission about life and what it means to me — Principles of Life

Photo by alexandra lammerink on Unsplash

We always worry about how we define life and in search of the answers, we fall apart. Very few who have started the journey will find their purpose in life at the end. Most of us left behind to travel further distances to find answers.

There are 2 types of people who are eager to find the purpose of their lives. One, the people who have defined their mission statement for life and second, are the ones who lost their purpose of life — these people are always hoping to find second chances in life.

When I started my journey…

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